Meeting Room Policies & Procedures

Statement of Intent

Maquoketa Public Library’s meeting rooms are used for library sponsored or co-sponsored programs which meet the Library’s civic, informational, cultural, or recreational goals. When not in use for library activities, the room is available at no cost to community organizations and for a fee to business entities under the following guidelines approved by the Library Board of Trustees.


The meeting rooms may be used by community groups, volunteer groups, non-profit groups, governmental agencies, or service organizations. These not-for-profit groups will receive priority before business and for-profit entities. Personal use such as birthday parties and bridal/baby showers are also welcome but require a $25 deposit.

Businesses and other for-profit groups are not eligible for free use of the Library’s meetings rooms. For these groups, a fee of $25 for up to 4 hours use of the room, or $50 for 5 – 8 hours will be assessed. Reservations may not be made more than 30 days out from the event, and payment is due in full before the start of the event.

Applications will be considered in a “first come, first served” manner. A maximum of three events can be scheduled to occur in any 90-day period. Use of a room on a standing or continuing basis is not allowed.

Any organization using either room may not charge admission fees other than regular club membership dues. Sales are not allowed unless as part of a library event. Network marketing meetings and sales are also not allowed.


Groups may reserve the meeting room by phone or via online form. Groups reserving the room by phone will be sent a link to the library website form or (if no email address is available) a form will be completed in person before the start of the event. A completed application form must be received and on file at the library two business days before the start of the event.

All applications for use of the meeting rooms are subject to the approval of the Library Director or designee. Groups who would like to schedule multiple meetings must reapply for use of the room in writing every twelve months at the start of each year.


Groups must schedule meetings within the library’s operating hours. Library or Friends of the Library functions are allowed past closing with Director’s approval.

Room users are responsible for their own set-up and cleanup. Failure to leave the Community Room as requested (see posted diagram) and without mess or damage will result in loss of deposit and/or charges of not less than $25. It may also result in the refusal or canceling of future reservations. Groups using the Community Room should check in with the staff at the Children’s Room desk before setting up and must also notify the desk staff when leaving. Groups using the History Room should check in with the staff at the front desk and notify them when leaving.


Light refreshments may be served in the Community Room. Food and beverages may not be carried to other parts of the Library. Drinks and snacks are allowed at the tables in the History Room but not at the computer desk. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed anywhere on Library premises.


The library provides limited audiovisual equipment for use in the Community Room. Groups who need AV equipment should let staff know about their needs at the time of the reservation. The library also makes a podium, tables and chairs, a coffee maker, refrigerator, sink, and microwave available for groups who are approved to use the Community Room. The History Room has tables and chairs available. The room also has a desktop computer, microfilm machine, and photo scanner. Scheduled blocks of time for uninterrupted work with the microfilm machine or photo scanner is allowed within reason.


Use of the Library’s space for meetings in no way implies Library endorsement of ideas expressed in the meetings or of the aims and goals of the organizations using the room.

No organization may use the Library address as its official address or use the Maquoketa Public Library logo or name in a way that implies Library endorsement of any kind.

The Library reserves the right to refuse reservations. The Library reserves the right to revoke permission to use the meeting room. Providing false information on the application form and/or failure to comply with the policy will result in termination of meeting room use.

The Library is not responsible for accidents, injury, loss or damage to the private property of individuals or organizations. Neither the Board of Trustees, library staff, nor the City of Maquoketa will be responsible for the property of individuals or organizations meeting in the Library.

Individuals or organizations meeting in the Library must agree to indemnify and hold the Library and the City harmless from any and all liability, claims, actions, causes of action, and/or damages which may arise, or allegedly arise during use of the Library facilities. This shall include obligation to defend the Library and the City of Maquoketa and to be responsible for any legal fees incurred and pay any judgments entered.