New Items Added January 2020

Call Number Author's Name Title
153.9 EPS Epstein, David J. Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World
232.92 HEA   The Heart of Christmas
302 GLA Gladwell, Malcolm Talking to Strangers
305.244 CAL Calhoun, Ada Why we Can't Sleep: Women's New Midlife Crisis
305.800 KEN Kendi, Ibram X. How to be an Antiracist
306.874 MOR Morris, Virginia How to Car for Your Aging Parents
362.110 KEE Keene, Nancy Your Child in the Hospital
362.88 RUB Rubenhold, Hallie The Five: The Untold Lives of the Women Killed by Jack the Ripper
364.152 KEE Keefe, Patrick Radden Say Nothing
613.25 STO Stork, Travis The Lose Your Belly Diet: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life
613.7 ZEL Zelnick, Strauss Becoming Age Less
614.47 KIN Kinch, Michael S. Between Hope and Fear
615.320 CHE Chevallier, Andrew, Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine
616.024 KEL Kelly, Christopher R., Am I Dying?!
616.852 BRO Brogan, Kelly A Mind of Your Own
616.891 GOT Gottlieb, Lori Maybe you Should Talk to Someone
741.5973 ROW Rowell, Rainbow Pumpkinheads
792.7602 WON Wong, Ali Dear Girls: Intimate Tales, Untold Secrets & Advice for Living Your Best Life
978.8 LEN Lende, Heather Take Good Care of the Garden and the Dogs
BIO GIU Giunta, Salvatore A. Living with Honor
BIO VAN Van Ness, Jonathan Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self Love
BluRay JOK   Joker
Cake Pan Elmo   Elmo Cake Pan
CD FIC FOR Ford, Jamie Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet
CD FIC KOO Koontz, Dean R. Life Expectancy
CD YA FIC RUB Ruby, Laura Bone Gap
DVD 613.7 BAL   Balance Ball for Weight Loss
DVD 613.71 AUS Austin, Denise Get Fit: Daily Dozen
DVD 613.718 AUS   Denise Austen's Personal Training System
DVD DAR   Dark Shadows
DVD JOK   Joker
DVD JUD   Judy
DVD ROC   The Rocketeer
Easy KAR Karas, G. Brian As an Oak Tree Grows
Easy KLE Kleven, Elisa. Hooray! A Piñata!
Easy KOE Koehler, Lora The Little Snowplow
Easy MAR Marcero, Deborah In a Jar
Easy MUR Murray, Diana, Unicorn Day
Easy YAR Yarlett, Emma Nibbles: The Monster Hunt
FIC BAN Banner, A. J. The Poison Garden
FIC ELL Ellison, J. T. Good Girls Lie
FIC INS KIN BF#3 Kingsbury, Karen Longing
FIC JEN Jenkins, Jerry B. 'Twas the Night Before: A Love Story
FIC M EVA SP#4 Evanovich, Janet Four to Score
FIC M HAG KM#24 Hagberg, David First Kill
FIC M MCC LD#11 McCall Smith, Alexander The Double Comfort Safari Club
FIC MAC Macomber, Debbie There's Something About Christmas
FIC MAL Mallery, Susan The Summer of Sunshine & Margot
FIC MAL Mallery, Susan When we Found Home
FIC MIR WI#1 Mirren, Lilly The Waratah Inn
FIC MOO Moore, Liz Long Bright River
FIC NAP Napolitano, Ann Dear Edward
FIC PIP Pipkin, Turk When Angels Sing: A Christmas Story
FIC REI Reid, Kiley Such A Fun Age
FIC SAP W#1 Sapkowski, Andrzej Blood of Elves
FIC SAP W#2 Sapkowski, Andrzej The Time of Contempt
FIC SAP W#3 Sapkowski, Andrzej Baptism of Fire
FIC SAP W#4 Sapkowski, Andrzej The Tower of Swallows
FIC SAP W#5 Sapkowski, Andrzej The Lady of the Lake
FIC SAP W#7 Sapkowski, Andrzej The Last Wish
FIC SAP W#8 Sapkowski, Andrzej Sword of Destiny
FIC TAY PL#14 Taylor, Brad Hunter Killer
FIC TOD A#1 Todd, Anna After
FIC TOD A#2 Todd, Anna After we Collided
FIC TOD A#3 Todd, Anna After we Fell
FIC TOD A#4 Todd, Anna After Ever Happy
FIC VAN CH#3 VanLiere, Donna The Christmas Hope
FIC WHI White, Christian The Wife and the Widow
j320.3 FRI Frith, Alex Understanding politics & Government
j332 USB   Usborne Understanding Money
j338.762 ARN Arnold, Quinn M. Construction Workers
j398.2 BRE Brett, Jan The Tale of the Tiger Slippers
j398.469 CAL Caldwell, S. A. The Book of Dragons: Secrets of the Dragon Domain
j539 DIC Dickins, Rosie Usborne: Atoms and Molecules
j571 BEN Bennett, Howard J. The Fantastic Body
j579 MOU Mould, Steve The Bacteria Book
j579.3 CLI Cline-Ransome, Lesa Germs: Fact and Fiction, Friends and Foes
j610.73 ARN Arnold, Quinn M. Nurses
j612 HOL Holland, Simon Lie Detector: Human Body
j616.9 BER Berger, Melvin Germs Make Me Sick!
j650 BRY Bryan, Lara Usborne Understanding Business
j741.5 SCH Schulz, Charles M. Charlie Brown: All Tied Up
j741.569 DAV Davis, Jim Garfield Belly Laughs
j741.569 SCH Schulz, Charles M. Lucy
j741.569 SCH Schulz, Charles M. Snoopy: Boogie Down
j741.597 CRA Craft, Jerry New Kid
j791.4303 HID Hidalgo, Pablo Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary
j796.021 BUC Buckley, James Scholastic Year in Sports 2020
j811.6 ROG Rogers, Fred A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
jAudio Book DIS   Magical Tales: Disney Read-Along Storybook and CD Collection
jAudio Books DIS   Disney 4 Pack Audio and Read-Along Books
jBIO TES Gigliotti, Jim Who was Nikola Tesla?
jCoinhole Game   Coinhole
jFIC BLA Blabey, Aaron The Bad Guys in The Baddest Day Ever
jFIC ELL Elliott, Rebecca Eva's Big Sleepover
jFIC FAR Faruqi, Saadia Meet Yasmin!
jFIC FAR Faruqi, Saadia Yasmin in Charge
jFIC GEM Gemeinhart, Dan The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise
jFIC MAS Mass, Wendy A Mango-Shaped Space
jFIC MES Messner, Kate Disaster on the Titanic
jFIC MES Messner, Kate Hurricane Katrina Rescue
jFIC MES Messner, Kate Night of Soldiers and Spies
jFIC OSB Osborne, Mary Pope Magic Tree House: Narwhal on a Sunny Night
jFIC SUM Sumner, Jamie Roll With It
jParcheesi Game   Parcheesi
Kids Mag Feb 2020   2020: Ranger Rick Magazine
Kids Mag Jan/Feb 2020   2020: Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine
LP BIO MES Messineo, Janet Casting into the Light:Tales of a Fishing Life
LP BIO REM Batchelor, Bob The Bourbon King: The Life and Crimes of George Remus, Prohibition's Evil Genius
LP FIC BEL Belden, Emily Husband Material
LP FIC BIL Biller, Diana The Widow of Rose House
LP FIC BLA Blalock, Georgie The Other Windsor Girl: A Novel of Princess Margaret, Royal Rebel
LP FIC BRA FT#2 Brackston, Paula Secrets of the Chocolate House
LP FIC BYB FW#3 Bybee, Catherine Chasing Shadows
LP FIC COR Correa, Armando Lucas The Daughter's Tale
LP FIC DAY Day, Sylvia Butterfly in Frost
LP FIC GRI WS#2 Griffin, Laura Her Deadly Secrets
LP FIC KHO Khoury, Raymond Empire of Lies
LP FIC LON PT#2 London, Julia The Devil in the Saddle
LP FIC OAT Oates, Joyce Carol Pursuit
LP FIC WHI White, Karen The Christmas Spirits on Tradd Street
LP INS CAR DI#3 Caroll, Robin Darkwater Truth
LP INS DAV LL#2 David, Julia Love Flies: Patience
LP INS DOB Dobson, Melanie B. Memories of Glass
LP INS HUN BB#1 Hunter, Denise Lake Season
LP INS LON IM#6 Long, Kelly An Amish Wedding Feast on Ice Mountain
LP INS RAW Rawlings, David The Camera Never Lies
LP INS SLE HH#1 Sleeman, Susan Seconds to Live
LP M BRO JA#2 Brown, Rita Mae Scarlet Fever
LP M CON HB#13 Connelly, Michael The Overlook
LP M GER Gerritsen, Tess The Shape of Night
LP M MCC SS#13 McCall Smith, Alexander The Peppermint Tea Chronicle
LP M MET M#3 Metz, Melinda Mac on a Tin Roof
LP M WAI MN#9 Wait, Lea, Thread and Buried
LP W LYN GSP#1 Lynch, Sean Death Rattle
LP W STO Stone, R. W. Ride Into Trouble
Preschool Board Book COL Colandro, Lucille There was a Cold Lady who Swallowed Some Snow!
Preschool Board Book COL Colandro, Lucille There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Birthday Cake
Preschool Board Book MIL Milbourne, Anna Bug Homes
Preschool Board Book YAR Yarlett, Emma Nibbles Numbers
Reader UNI   Unicorns in Uniforms and Other Tales
YA FIC GLE FZ#1 Gleitzman, Morris Once
YA FIC GLE FZ#2 Gleitzman, Morris Then
YA FIC GLE FZ#3 Gleitzman, Morris Now