New Items Added February 2020

Call Number Author's Name Title
158.1 SIN Sincero, Jen You are a Badass
261.70973 HOL Holland, Sarah Stewart I Think You're Wrong (But I am Listening): A Guide to Grace-Filled Political Conversations
306.20973 KLE Klein, Ezra Why We're Polarized
362.5820 YAN Yang, Andrew The War on Normal People: The Truth About America's Disappearing Jobs and why Universal Basic Income is Our FUture
364.152 LAR Larson, Erik The Devil in the White City
635.951 TAL Tallamy, Douglas W. Nature's Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation that Starts in your Yard
641.56362 BIT Bittman, Mark Dinner for Everyone
741.5 JAC Jacob, Mira Good Talk: A Memoir in Conversation
741.56973 KIN King, Tom Mister Miracle
741.5973 WAR Ware, Chris Rusty Brown
791.430 KEA Keaton, Diane Brother & Sister
796.323092 BRY Bryant, Kobe The Mamba Mentality: How I Play
813.54 OFF Offill, Jenny Weather
813.6 MAC Machado, Carmen Maria In the Dream House: A Memoir
919.8904 O'B O'Brady, Colin The Impossible First: From Fire to Ice- Crossing Antarctica Alone
920.02 ROC Rocca, Mo Mobituaries: Great Lives Worth Reliving
973.933 RUC Rucker, Philip A Very Stable Genius: Donald J. Trump's Testing of America
BIO IDL Idle, Eric Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
BIO SIM Simpson, Jessica Open Book
BluRay DOW   Downton Abbey
BluRay ONC   Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood
BluRay PIR   The Pirates of Somalia
BluRay ROC   Rocketman
CD FIC MOR Moriarty, Liane Big Little Lies
DVD 88   88
DVD ANG   Angel in the House
DVD BAT   Battle in Seattle
DVD BEA   A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
DVD BEV BB2   Beverly Hills Cop
DVD BLI   Blitz
DVD BRE BB2   The Breakfast Club
DVD CAS S#1   Castle Rock
DVD CHI #1   Child's Play
DVD CLO   Cloud Atlas
DVD DOC   Doctor Sleep
DVD DON   Donovan's Echo
DVD DOW   Downton Abbey
DVD ENT   Entertaining the Troops
DVD GOO   The Good Liar
DVD HAR   Harriet
DVD HAU   The Haunting of Hill House
DVD HEA   Heavenly Sword
DVD HEA BB2   Heathers
DVD HOB #2   The Hobbit, Desolation of  Smaug: Extended Edition
DVD HOB #3   The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies: Extended Edition
DVD IRO   Iron Jawed Angels
DVD JUP   Jupiter Ascending
DVD KNI   Knives Out
DVD LEA   Leaves of Grass
DVD LIG   The Lighthouse
DVD MAN   The Man from Nowhere
DVD MID   Midway
DVD ONC   Once Upon a Time in...Hollywood
DVD PAR   Parasite
DVD PAR #2   The Paradise
DVD PIR   The Pirates of Somalia
DVD POT   Pottersville
DVD ROC   Rocketman
DVD SCO   Scorpion King: Book of Souls
DVD SUR   Survivor
DVD TAK   The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
DVD TER #6   Terminator Genisys
DVD TER #7   Terminator Dark Fate
DVD TER S#1   The Terror
DVD TOP BB2   Top Gun
DVD VEN   Vengeance : A Love Story
DVD WEH   We Have Always Lived in the Castle
DVD WEI BB2   Weird Science
DVD XME Vol. 1   X-Men: Animated Series
DVD YOU S1   You
Easy CAR Carle, Eric 1, 2, 3 to the Zoo
Easy CHE Cherry, Matthew A Hair Love
Easy CHI Child, Brenda J. Bowwow Powwow
Easy MIN Minnema, Cheryl Johnny's Pheasant
FIC ADI Adiga, Aravind Amnesty
FIC ALL Allende, Isabel A Long Petal of the Sea
FIC BER Berg, Elizabeth We Are All Welcome Here
FIC BER Berry, Flynn A Double Life
FIC CAS Cásares, Oscar Where we Come From
FIC CUM Cummins, Jeanine American Dirt
FIC DAR Daré, Abi The Girl With the Louding Voice
FIC FLO Flores, Fernando A. Tears of the Trufflepig
FIC JON Jones, Tanen The Better Liar
FIC M GAL CS#1 Galbraith, Robert The Cuckoo's Calling
FIC MIR WI#3 Mirren, Lilly The Summer Sisters
FIC MIR WI#4 Mirren, Lilly Christmas at the Waratah Inn
FIC MIR WR#2 Mirren, Lilly One Summer in Italy
FIC MOO Moore, Graham The Holdout
FIC MOS LM#1 Mosley, Walter The Long Fall
FIC NOB Noblin, Annie England St. Francis Society for Wayward Pets
FIC PRE AP#19 Preston, Douglas J. Crooked River
FIC SCH Schaitkin, Alexis Saint X
FIC SF AND Anders, Charlie Jane The City in the Middle of the Night
FIC SF GIB Gibson, William Agency
FIC SF LAC CC#1 Lackey, Mercedes Foundation
FIC SF LAC CC#2 Lackey, Mercedes Intrigues
FIC SF LAC CC#3 Lackey, Mercedes Changes
FIC SF LAC CC#5 Lackey, Mercedes Bastion
FIC SF LAC EM#4 Lackey, Mercedes The Wizard of London
FIC SF LAC EM#7 Lackey, Mercedes Home From the Sea
FIC SF LAC FHK#2 Lackey, Mercedes One Good Knight
FIC SF LAC HS#1 Lackey, Mercedes Closer to Home
FIC SF LAC HS#3 Lackey, Mercedes Closer to the Chest
FIC STE Steel, Danielle Precious Gifts
FIC YOU Youngson, Anne Meet me at the Museum
j001.944 JOH Johnson, Hal The Big Book of Monsters: The Creepiest Creatures form Classic Literature
j530.092 ROB Robeson, Teresa Queen of Physics: How WU CHIEN SHIUNG Helped Unlock the Secrets of the Atom
j599.27 ARN Arnold, Quinn M. Tasmanian Devils
j599.8 ARN Arnold, Quinn M. Slow Lorises
j636 DIT Dittmer, Lori Chickens
j636.1 ARN Arnold, Quinn M. Horses
j636.2 DIT Dittmer, Lori Cows
j636.3 DIT Dittmer, Lori Goats
j636.4 ARN Arnold, Quinn M. Pigs
j636.7 ARN Arnold, Quinn M. Sheep
j636.72 KLU Klukow, Mary Ellen Dalmatians
j636.73 KLU Klukow, Mary Ellen Great Danes
j636.76 KLU Klukow, Mary Ellen Shih Tzus
j786.2092 ENG Engle, Margarita Dancing Hands: How Teresa Carreno Played the Piano for President Lincoln
j811.6 ALE Alexander, Kwame The Undeafeated
j941.1 KLE Klepeis, Alicia Scotland
j949.2 KLE Klepeis, Alicia, The Netherlands
j954.91 KLE Klepeis, Alicia Pakistan
j959.8 LEA Leaf, Christina Indonesia
jBIO FOR Burgan, Michael Who was Henry Ford?
jBIO JET Herman, Gail Who is Derek Jeter?
jBIO JOR Anderson, Kirsten Who is Michael Jordan?
jBIO LAN Macy, Sue The Book Rescuer
jBIO LUC Pollack, Pam Who is George Lucas?
jBIO RUT Holub, Joan Who was Babe Ruth?
jDVD ADD   The Addams Family
jDVD BAT   Battle for New Ninjago City
jDVD MAL   Maleficent : Mistress of Evil
jDVD NIM   Return to Nim's Island
jDVD OPE   Open Season 1,2 and 3
jDVD TIT   Titan A.E.
jFIC BAK Baker, E. D. Maggie and the Flying Horse
jFIC BAK Baker, E. D. Maggie and the Flying Pigs
jFIC BAK Baker, E. D. Maggie and the Unicorn
jFIC BAK Baker, E. D. Maggie and the Wish Fish
jFIC BAR Barkley, Callie All about Ellie
jFIC BAR Barkley, Callie Amy and the Missing Puppy
jFIC BAR Barkley, Callie Liz Learns a Lesson
jFIC BAR Barkley, Callie Marion Takes a Break
jFIC DAV David, Erica All Hail the Queen
jFIC DAV David, Erica The Great Ice Engine
jFIC DAV David, Erica Memory and Magic
jFIC DAV David, Erica A Warm Welcome
jFIC HER Hernandez, Carlos Alberto Sal & Gabi Break the Universe
jFIC MAR Marsham, Liz Ariel Makes Waves
jFIC NUA Nuanez, J. M. M. Birdie and Me
jFIC ROE Roehl, Tessa Belle's Discovery
jFIC ROE Roehl, Tessa Cinderella Takes the Stage
jFIC SUT Sutherland, Tui Wings of Fire: Dragonslayer
LP BIO FRE Frenkel, Francoise A Bookshop in Berlin
LP BIO JOP George-Warren, Holly Janis: Her Life and Music
LP FIC HAR Harms, Kelly The Overdue Life of Amy Byler
LP FIC RAI LP#1 Raisin, Rebecca The Little Bookshop on the Seine
LP FIC TAL Talley, Liz Room to Breathe
LP FIC WIS ANW#2 Wise, Virginia When Love Finds You
LP INS CHA AABB#1 Chapman, Vannetta Dead Wrong
LP INS DYL CI#1 Dylan, Rachel End Game
LP INS FER Ferguson, Melissa The Dating Charade
LP INS HAR Harris, Kathy Deadly Commitment
LP INS PEA Pearson, Robin W. A Long Time Comin'
LP INS WAR GSR#1 Warren, Susan May The Way of the Brave
LP M FLO ACS#4 Flower, Amanda Toxic Toffee
LP M THO CL#3 Thompson, Victoria E City of Scoundrels
LP W CLA Clay, James Gunfighter's Revenge
LP W PAI Paine, Lauran Deadwood Ambush
Parent LUK Lukoff, Kyle When Aiden Became a Brother
Parent WAR Ward, Cindy Cookie's Week
PB C Carr, Robyn Any Day Now
PB C Carr, Robyn The Best of Us
PB C Carr, Robyn The Family Gathering
PB C Carr, Robyn The Summer that Made Us
PB M Macomber, Debbie Laughter in the Rain
PB M Macomber, Debbie Promise, Texas
PB M Michaels, Fern A Family Affair
PB M Michaels, Fern Gotcha!
PB M Michaels, Fern Kiss and Tell
PB M Michaels, Fern Mr. and Miss Anonymous
PB T Thayne, RaeAnne Season of Wonder
Preschool Board Book BAK Baker, Keith La Gallina Grande: Big Fat Hen
Preschool Board Book BOY Boynton, Sandra Belly Button Book!
Preschool Board Book BOY Boynton, Sandra Perfect Piggies! Book! A Song! A Celebration!
Preschool Board Book BOY Boynton, Sandra Tickle Time!
Preschool Board Book CAR Carle, Eric Papa, Please get the Moon for Me
Preschool Board Book CAR Carle, Eric The Very Lonely Firefly
Preschool Board Book DEW Dewdney, Anna Llama Llama: Nighty-Night
Preschool Board Book GAR Garnett, Jaye Zoo: Peek-A-Flap
Preschool Board Book KAT Katz, Karen Shake it up, Baby!
Preschool Board Book LAD Laden, Nina Peek-a-Who?
Preschool Board Book LEW Lewis, Kevin Chugga-Chugga Choo-Choo
Preschool Board Book PAT Patricelli, Leslie Huggy Kissy
Preschool Board Book PAT Patricelli, Leslie Nighty-Night
Preschool Board Book PAT Patricelli, Leslie No No Yes Yes
Preschool Board Book PAT Patricelli, Leslie Yummy, Yucky
Preschool Board Book ROS Rosen, Michael We're Going on a Bear Hunt
Preschool Board Book WAD Waddell, Martin Owl Babies
Preschool Board Books CAR Carle, Eric The Very Busy Spider
Preschool Board Books EHL Ehlert, Lois Color Zoo
Reader OCO O'Connor, Jane Fancy Nancy and the Too-Loose Tooth
Reader OCO O'Connor, Jane Fancy Nancy: Best Reading Buddies
Reader OCO O'Connor, Jane Fancy Nancy: Time for Puppy School
Reader OCO O'Connor, Jane, Fancy Nancy: Bubbles, Bubbles, and More Bubbles
YA 305.8 JEW Jewell, Tiffany This Book is Anti-Racist
YA 362.7092 OGL Ogle, Rex Free Lunch
YA FIC KIN King, A. S. Dig
YA FIC TOL Tolkien, J. R. R. The Hobbit
YA FIC WIL Williams, Alicia Genesis Begins Again