Statement of Intent

The Board of Trustees of the Maquoketa Public Library recognizes that making information available to its customers in electronic form, as well as through other more traditional forms, is effective and cost-efficient. Therefore, the Library will create a website with information about its operation and programs and links to its online catalog.

In 2007, the Library accepted the offer of the State Library of Iowa to host a Library website and to provide training in setting up and maintaining the site, plus email services and backup technical support, all this under the SLI’s PLOW program (Putting Libraries on the Web). The intent of the Library in accepting these services is to keep the site current and allow for additional interactive features over time. No paid advertising is accepted for the Library web page.


Priority will be placed on keeping at least two staff persons trained in the use of the Concrete5 web design software. Time will be allotted to keep the site current.

The website will include an e-mail link to the Library. Staff will monitor these messages as other duties allow but at least once a day.

The website will include links to subscription resources available to Library patrons. As of November 2019, those resources include the Bridges audiobook download site, plus Transparent Language, brainfuse, and Gale Pages, a database of encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research. Other links may be added as funds are available.

A Community Links section will include links to website for:

  • The City of Maquoketa
  • Maquoketa Community Schools
  • Maquoketa Chamber of Commerce
  • Jackson County Government
  • Jackson County Tourism

Other links may be added.

Adopted July 2001
Reviewed July 2004, November 2007
Revised November 2019