Adult Summer Reading 2023

We want Adult Summer Reading to be fun, so we're making it easy on you this year! Staycation with a Book is back, and all you have to do is participate as a card-holding patron of the library and you'll be entered to win Chamber Bucks. Participating will be as easy as stopping into the library and picking up a pre-wrapped blind date book. We'll put some a little info to let you know what you're getting yourself into on the outside. Or you can fill out a quick and easy form in-person or online and have a choice hand-picked for you. Check out your book and you're automatically entered! Everyone is limited to one prize entry, but you can check out more than one Staycation book.

Bridges users are welcome to fill out the online form and we'll send you a link to an e-book or audio book. And like our other Blind Date with a Book programs, you don't have to be a card holder to to participate (just to win prizes). You're invited to participate as well by filling out the online form.

Summer Reading runs from June 1st to July 31st, participate at any point during that time. We will choose prize winners at the end of July.

Email Katie if you have questions at

Click here to fill out the form
(Form will open on June 1st)